Sugarcane Stalk 1, 2 and 3

New Sculpture Series!
Item #: AFS1021
Price $900.00

Sugarcane Stalk 1, 2 and 3
90' x 32 each
$900 for each stalk.

(NOTE:  Three sugarcane stalks are shown for purposes of display.  $900.00 price is per stalk.  Multiple stalks are available for purchase.)

Custom orders available.  These stalks are white to lend a modern and architectural style.  
Available in gray, green, silver, gold or your specific design color.

  • New sculpture series inspired by Ferachi's past oil painting of one of his favorite subjects -- sugarcane.
  • Three-dimensional representations of the sugarcane stalks from the fields of south Louisiana.
  • Architectural style
  • Life-sized 90x32 each
  • White